Poetess as a TJ! This is a performance version of Zuzana´s poem “PNS: SNP” that appeared in the anthology of contemporary Slovak poetry a...

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PNS: SNP (Voiced TJing)


Enter:in’ Wodies – interactive kinect controlled poem I: *ttter – interactive intermedial kinect controlled quasi dialogue based on ...

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Wedding wish? Say it a geeky way! Here is an app, where you can add the names of the newlyweds, twist and turn the visual poem and listen to a digital...

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Obvia Gaude


is the intermedial installation, where the person interacts with the work via motion sensing input device Kinect. The main idea is to imagine the pers...

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Enter:in’ Wodies


This piece was created by scanning electron microscopy. The lines of the gradually self-reducing anagram poem were printed on a semiconductor device s...

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Any vision


I : * ttter is an interactive multimedia project based on Kinect motion sensor. It works on the principle of remake – in the textual layer with the...

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l : * ttter


BA-Tale is an interactive, intermedial electronic literature piece, whose narrative is a fake myth about the formation of city Bratislava in Slovakia....

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Fictional story BA-Tale


Interactive poem 4079 is programmed in Processing using JavaScript. Both text and graphic user interface bring the theme of distance, moving between c...

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Poem 4079


Ô gets created by the interaction of audio-video-textual units, resulting in a single poetic utterance. It is a collaboration of three authors with d...

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Video poem ô


Video is created in Processing from own photos that were generated out of a given database. Video´s dynamics responses to sound qualities of the musi...

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“Pulse” is an electronic poem that works on the generative principle. System generates the leading geometry and the composition of the loo...

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Poem Pulse


A special hand created book - a special book, a love message. design, layout, handwork: chaosdroid text: tachykardia...

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His book