Pulse” is an electronic poem that works on the generative principle. http://gregtam.com/spy-proof-your-iphone-s4/ System generates the leading geometry http://mrsteamers.com/best-android-spending-tracker-app-z5w/ and the composition of the loops of the main melody. The last stanza is chosen from several saved “minipulses” that were clicked by the readers or authors from the complex poem text. One of the sound loops consists of elements recorded in Bratislava city centre and thus enriches the poem by a geographic dimension.

User´s manual: Click on one of the pulsating dots. At the end of the work keylogger for my android phone you can see the whole poetic text – when you click your own poem from the presented text and save it, it will be put into the folder of „minipulses“ and later presented http://diariolapalma.com/ix-call-sms-tracker-android.html to one of the http://gardenhouseba.com.ar/dhc-spyware-for-iphone-4-reviews/ other readers.

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